Grown in Mount Horeb, WI

We harvest within 24 hours of delivery for the freshest microgreens. From sunflowers, to radish, broccoli and wheatgrass, we want to share our microgreens with you.

Containers of organic radish and sunflower microgreens with a Mighty Leaf Microgreens label.

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What makes them mighty?

Certain microgreens contain as much as 40 times the vital nutrients by weight as their full-grown counterparts. We use organic seeds and soil, and harvest at the first sign of "true leaves" for optimal flavor. After harvesting, our microgreens are packaged in recyclable containers made from recycled materials. Seeds and stems left after harvesting are fed to our three ducks, and the rest is composted, so nothing goes to waste.




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Joey and Kristin Gorman owners of Mighty Leaf Microgreens.

How to use microgreens

These small but mighty greens pack a nutrient-dense punch making them a great addition to smoothies, salads, tacos, sandwiches & everything in between. Peruse different ways to incorporate microgreens into your cooking.

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